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Important announcements regarding the forum and/or the server.
Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:09 pm

  • Basic Rule Overview (AKA: What will get me banned?):

      Rule 0: Don’t be a dick.

    • We reserve the right to remove you if we feel you shouldn’t be playing.

      Rule 1: Listen to the admins.
    • If you ignore what an admin says, you might get banned.

      Rule 2: Be mature when talking to the admins.
    • Not being respectful and helpful when talking to staff may get you banned.

      Rule 3: Do not metagame.
    • If you use OOC information for an IC advantage, you might get banned.

      Rule 4: Try to keep your character realistic.
    • If you play bad or weak characters, you might get banned.

      Rule 5: Play your selected role.
    • If you don’t make an effort to do your job, you might get job-banned.

      Rule 6: Erotic Roleplaying.
    • If you roleplay pedophilia or zoophilia, you’ll get banned. Everything else is fine.

      Rule 7: Maintain a friendly environment.
    • If you act like an asshat, you might get banned.

      Rule 8: If you are an antagonist, act like one.
    • If you’re not trying to make the round more interesting as an antag, you shouldn’t play one.

      Rule 9: If you are not an antagonist, do not act like one.
    • If you act like an antag when you’re not one, you might get banned.

      Rule 10: Validhunting
    • If you forgo roleplay to hunt valid antags, you might get banned.

      Rule 11: Playing a silicon does not excuse you from not following any other rules.
    • If you play a silicon and ignore rules, you might get banned.

      Rule 12: Security and Space Law enforcement.
    • If you don’t enforce space law and SOP, you might get job-banned.

      Advanced Rules Overview (What do the words mean?):

      Rule 0: Don’t be a dick.
      This rule is a disclaimer; the admins can choose to remove you at any time if they feel you’re acting like a dick. Don’t try to ruin someone else’s good time for your enjoyment, and don’t carry out OOC harassment.

      Rule 1: Listen to the admins.
      The staff always have the final say. If you’re banned or disagree with an admin, file an unban request or staff complaint on the forum. You can also approach senior staff over Discord for advice.

      Rule 2: Be mature when talking to the admins.
    • When reporting someone who is breaking the rules, keep it concise. Include relevant information, such as character name, and a brief description of what happened.
    • When an admin PMs you, stop what you’re doing and give them an immediate, polite response. Lying to or ignoring admins who are PMing you is a quick way to earn a ban - we have many logs at our disposal, and can quickly find discrepancies.
    • Ignorance is not an excuse: Read the rules thoroughly.
    • Staff are human too, and sometimes we’re simply unable to reply to a help request. If you feel you are being deliberately mistreated, make a complaint on the forums - we take these seriously and objectively.

      Rule 3: Do not metagame.
    • Don’t talk about the current round via OOC means, such as Discord or LOOC.
    • Do not use or act on information your character shouldn’t have.
    • Don’t multikey. If you have to play on the same IP as another player, notify the staff.
    • Do not metagrudge - though bear in mind grudges that are justified IC are acceptable.
    • Only interact with SSD or braindead characters to take them somewhere safe or cryo them.
    • Respawning is allowed, but do not respawn as a character you left the round with.
    • Knowledge of antags or antag mechanics is usually not canon.

      Rule 4: Try to keep your character realistic.
    • Don’t name character after real people, vulgar jokes, or other players’ characters (without permission).
    • Do not use emoticons or netspeak in verbal speech. These are acceptable in written forms, such as PDA messages.
    • Treat your characters like real people. They are flawed, they have limited knowledge, they react to pain, and they don’t want to die.
    • Always stay in character - don’t stop roleplaying because you feel salty IRL and no longer feel like taking the round seriously.

      Rule 5: Play your selected role.
    • If you choose to play a head of staff, more is expected of you than the average player. You should be competent in how your department works and be able to manage it, as well as be able to work with a team of command staff to run the station.
    • Characters should not go into space to explore unless they have nothing to do or a good reason. Heads of staff should have a very good reason.
    • Characters are expected not to have skill in more than two departments, to prevent mary sue style omni-skilled characters.
    • If you need to log out as command staff, notify your department and other heads via radio, and fire off an admin PM explaining yourself. Leave important items in your locker, and cryo yourself so you can be replaced.
    • If you need to quickly leave a round as a head of staff, contact an admin over Discord or the forums afterwards.
    • Ignoring your duties consistently will result in you being banned from your job.

      Rule 6: Erotic Roleplaying
    • Eros Research Platform is a HRP server, with a secondary focus on ERP. This means we welcome and embrace ERP, but do not fixate on it.
    • All forms of ERP are allowed, with the exception of zoophilia and pedophilia. Consentplay is allowed as long as OOC consent is given.
    • Heads of Staff are allowed to ERP, but are expected to pause or drop scenes immediately to carry out their duties. Ignoring your duties in these roles will result in job-bans being applied. This applies to other job roles, to a slightly lesser extent.
    • Do not make your character's ERP-focused traits their sole focus. We want to see interesting, well-rounded characters rather than ones that pander to a fetish.
    • Avoid disrupting ERP unless you have an IC reason to. Curiosity generally isn't good enough.

      Rule 7: Maintain a friendly environment.
    • Excessive and pointless OOC cursing may result in you being muted.
    • If an issue occurs in a round, take it up with the admins - venting your wrath in LOOC/OOC will help no one and may get you in trouble.
    • Discrimination and bigotry will not be tolerated OOC.
    • Do not advertise or insult other servers on ours.

      Rule 8: If you are an antagonist, act like one.
    • As a general guideline: Be ready and able to back up every decision you make as an antagonist.
    • Bombs are allowed, but should not be used gratuitously. Collateral damage is acceptable.
    • Similar rules apply to engine sabotage, but keep in mind that power-loss is not fun for anyone involved, probably including you.
    • Your primary job as an antagonist is creating interesting situations for the crew. Try to use roleplay rather than mechanical fights to engage people. Wordless murder of a target will very likely get you antag-banned.
    • Do not ragequit under any circumstances. This will earn you very little sympathy and a bad reputation, along with a punishment.

      Rule 9: If you are not an antagonist, don’t act like one.
    • If you’re in doubt about your actions, ask an admin.
    • Excessive violence is frowned upon, unless very well justified IC.
    • Avoid causing heavy damage to the station. If it was an accident, be ready to explain yourself.
    • If you act like an antag, expect to be treated like one.
    • Do not steal high-risk items, such as the captain’s gun or the hand teleporter.
    • If you need the spare ID, take it and adminhelp with your reasoning. We receive adminhelps regardless of whether an admin is online.
    • If properly roleplayed, you are allowed to assist antags to a reasonable degree - threats, bribes and blackmail are acceptable (and encouraged as good roleplay).
    • Civilians can defend themselves, but keep the excessive violence provision in mind.
    • Shuttle grief is NOT allowed, unless you are an antagonist. The same applies to post-round grief.
    • Antag actions are not considered canon, unless all involved parties agree they are.

      Rule 10: Validhunting.
    • Do not play just to try to fight or kill confirmed antagonists.
    • If an antag is identified, do not down tools to track them down unless you are a member of security.

      Rule 11: Silicons follow all of these rules too.
    • If you suspect someone is using your laws to turn you into an antagonist, fire off an adminhelp.
    • All laws have equal priority, unless the law states otherwise.
    • Cyborgs follow their laws first, crew orders second, and AI orders third.
    • Silicons may ignore self-harm as an attempt to exploit their rules.
    • Unless specified, antag crew are still crew. Under the default laws, you must still obey them.
      ERT, HAP and CC personnel are to be considered crew (they outrank everyone except the captain).

      Rule 12: Security and Space Law Enforcement
    • You are not The Law.
    • Security are expected to follow SOP more strictly than other staff.
    • If in doubt, adminhelp.
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